Interested in reading about the housing bubble?

Toddi Gutner

A day doesn’t go by without an article in some major newspaper about the housing bubble, when it’s going to burst and what will happen to the economy. Personally, whether or not we’re in a real estate bubble isn’t as interesting to me as the musings about the minutiae of it all.
One of the more entertaining reads on this topic can be found at
Unrestrained by the confines of traditional journalism, blogger Keith B asked his readers on December 17th: Why are you interested in reading about the housing bubble?
Why are you here at Housing Panic?
Renting and thinking about buying?
Interested in economic theory - bubbles, manias, panics?
Thinking of selling your house and want to make sure you're doing the right thing?
Think people who believe there's a bubble are nuts?
Click on the comments---and let me know if you’re as surprised at some of the answers as I was (hint: ever wonder where your stockbroker gets his or her ideas?).

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