How Might Apple Tout Intel? Or Not?

Last week in the
Arik Hesseldahl

Last week in the "Byte of The Apple" column I raised the issue of how Apple might -- or might not -- advertise its new affiliation with Intel. Remember that other computer makers who use Intel chips get subsidies from Intel to help defray advertising costs. I've gotten a lot of reader comments and email on the subject, and it seems that everyone here has an opinion.

So I thought I'd ask readers here to chime in with their own comments. Put yourself in the shoes of Apple management, and ask yourself what you would do in this situation:

Would you refuse Intel's advertising money -- which may or may not be a little hard to explain to shareholders -- and stick with the traditional advertising and marketing strategies?

Or would you take the money, add the recognizable Intel marks and logos and add them to print and TV advertising campaigns in much the same way other PC companies do?

Or is there a third way? Perhaps Apple, a company which throughout its history has always broken new ground in advertising, can take the money and find a creative, Apple-friendly way to wave the Intel flag? And if so, how would you do it?

What would you do? What would you not do? Leave us feedback by posting a comment. I look forward to your ideas.