Basketball blog follows unlikely odyssey of Shavlik Randolph

Comments in a basketball blog tell the long Cinderalla story of Shavlik Randolph of the Philadelphia 76ers.
Stephen Baker

Ever heard of Shavlik Randolph? He was a disappointing basketball player at Duke, and when he dropped out of college last May to go pro, a blog called DaveSez posted the news, along with the comment: "Short of a miracle, he's never going to play a minute in the NBA."

In the following months, the comments traced Randolph's journey. I won't go through the ups and downs. The interesting point is that the comments provide a chorus of changing public opinion as Randolph transforms from joke to longshot, to winning a position on the Philadelphia 76ers, to getting playing time. Now that he's something of a sensation, the 76ers general manager Billy King (a Duke alum) shows up in the comments saying, in effect, I told you so. It might be someone claiming to be King. But another commenter, claiming to be a big Shav Randolph fan, hits up King for tickets. It's a Cinderella story, all of it told in comments to one obscure blog post.

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