Electronic paper could put blogs on Cheerios

electronic paper could wrap cereal boxes in ads, not just for the store, but also for the breakfast table
Stephen Baker

Wouldn't it be a whole lot more convenient to be reading this on the back of a cereal box? There's an interesting piece in Wired (ex memeorandum) on new electronic paper at Siemens that's so cheap that packaged goods could be wrapped in flashing ads within two years.

What's that mean? My experience with predictions says they come later, but often more powerful, than promised. So... in five years, cereal boxes could carry store advertising that not only flashes, but also offers a different set of advertisements for the home. After all, we've already bought that cereal, and that precious ad space is just sitting there on the breakfast table, immune from the TiVo zapper.

I guess I'm fantasizing to think that that space would carry blogs or other editorial content. But people do like to read cereal boxes, don't they?

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