iPod: A Way to Meet Other Singles?

Could your iPod improve your dating life? Quite possibly. iPod jacking and iPod dating sites are gaining momentum.
Olga Kharif

Ok, I just read the cutest story on Wired about how teens are using their iPods to meet each other and to break the ice. This new take on a snappy come-on line is called iPod jacking: You come up to fellow iPod listeners and ask them if they'd like to swap their ear buds with you for a moment. The idea is to see what music the other person is listening to to start a conversation.

The iPod is turning into a dating device, clearly. Already, PodDater.com allows people to download videos of other singles onto their video iPods. When I checked the site a couple of days ago, it had more than 600 profiles up. Not bad for a brand-new dating site. There's also single.podcom.org, allowing people to download and listen to other singles' audio file messages.

Neat ideas, but I am wondering about how well they really work. Have you used such services? What has your experience with them been like? How was using them different from using online dating services, often offering audio and video capabilities?

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