Dean Foust

It seems to me that one of the residual perks of being a Hollywood celebrity is the ability to make a killing in real estate. The easy explanation is that everyone wants to be on the other end of the transaction so they can say they buy/sold a house to/from a celebrity. That seems to be the case with the highly annoying Kelly Ripa who sold her New York place for $7.5 million just a few years after buying it for $2.8 million. (This article jokingly calls her "the new Donald Trump.") But even when actors and actresses are on the way up, some use the long layoffs between gigs to speculate in real estate. I remember reading once in InStyle magazine (HEY, it was my WIFE's copy, OK?) that a young Courtney Cox would buy a tiny fixer-upper in Hollywood, spend a lot of sweat equity fixing it up, decorate it, then flip it for a hefty profit--before moving on to her next project. Never lived in a house for more than a year, but made a ton of money before Friends doing that--fixing up, flipping, fixing up, flipping...

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