A tech guru prognosticates

Steve Hamm

I'm way late to the party when it comes to appreciating Mark Anderson. He's the headman at Strategic News Service, an influential newsletter and consultancy. I had a chance to make up for lost time at Anderson's annual predictions dinner at New York's Waldorf-Astoria hotel last night. (Where, I was pleased to discover, they serve Waldorf salads) To cut to the chase, here are Anderson's predictions for 2006:

1) The American people will reject US TV news in favor of the Net. "The Net is for news. TV is for entertainment. Fox is for propoganda."
2) Online ad spending will rise 40% to 50%. That will destabilize the TV networks and print publishing empires.
3)Americans will discover the real impact of outsourcing work to India, and they won't like it. These are the highest-skill jobs.
4)People will buy broadband connectivity from whomever has the cheapest prices--whether it's the teleom or cable companies.
5)Bit delivery companies will take the dominant positions as platforms.
6)IP on everything.
7)Flat-panel screens in multiple rooms drives broadband demand in homes.
8)Toyota surges by GM and is recognized as the best managed company in the world.
9)The real estate boom will hold up for a while longer.
10)The global consumer phenomenon will really take off.

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