Yes, Rob, lots of things are worse these days--but you can't beat the convenience

We sacrifice quality in music, phone conversations, meals and movies--and get a big dose of convenience in return
Stephen Baker

Rob Hof trumpets the superiority of vinyl records over digital fare. And he asks if we sacrifice quality for convenience.

My answer: Yes. Again and again and again.

Here are some examples. We now put up with buzzy, faltering telephone connections reminiscent of the 1920s, or earlier (especially those of us in the United States). Why? Because we appreciate the convenience of mobility.

We accept smaller and smaller movie screens as we move from the grand theaters to the multiplex to the living room, and finally to the iPod video. Again, we benefit from greater choice--and sacrifice quality.

Same thing goes as we switch from slow home-cooked meals to microwavable fare.

Here's the question: Are we making a similar deal when we turn from the more carefully edited and structured traditional journalism for the speed, spontaneity and networked power of blogs?

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