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  Single-year Percentage Leaders
Companies with recognized environmental programs that made the greatest strides in cutting greenhouse gases in 2004
Rank Entity

2004 Sales

$ Billions

1-Year Cut in GHGs

(Tons of CO2e)

1-Year % Cut in GHGs
1 Johnson & Johnson $47.30 140,091 14.85%
Johnson & Johnson's greenhouse gas reduction program includes on-site renewable energy projects using solar panels and windmills, purchasing green energy, and carbon capture and storage. J&J is No.2 in photovoltaics installations in the U.S., according to the World Resources Institute
2 IBM $96.30 257,716 10.70%
By installing high-efficiency lighting and variable frequency drives on pumps and motors, IBM has lowered its emissions by 10%
3 UBS $59.70 27,596 10.50%
In 2004, 26% of UBS's electricity came from renewable sources and direct heating. Other contributors are lighting and cooling controls with sensors that detect the presence of people, as well as variable-speed pumps and drives
4 Unilever $48.40 362,306 10.20%
Since 1997, Unilever has set annual greenhouse gas reduction targets. They are part of a company-wide conservation program that not only promotes renewable resources but also calls for refrigerants that don't emit chlorofluorocarbons, a potent GHG
5 Credit Suisse Group $58.80 40,850 9.75%
The world's first bank to implement an environmental management system, Credit Suisse has reduced emissions by relying on movement-sensitive lighting, solar power, and general energy conservation
6 Diageo $11.90 74,443 9.50%
The spirits company has lowered emissions by capturing and storing the methane released in the distilling process, and using low-emission refrigeration technologies
7 International Paper $25.50 900,000 6.50%
International Paper cut its carbon footprint by boosting the use of its own forest waste as a fuel. Because trees convert carbon dioxide to oxygen, burning waste wood is considered to be carbon neutral
8 Sony $64.20 91,251 4.40%
Despite the price premium, Sony signed on with Japan's National Energy Co. for lots of wind power -- 4.5 million kilowatt-hours a year
9 Entergy $10.10 1,138,400 3.20%
Entergy is a pioneer in GHG reduction. Aside from generating power with nuclear plants and wind turbines, it minimizes CO2 emissions from its natural-gas-fired generators by capturing the gas for underground sequestration at a number of sites
10 Novartis $30.70 13,800 3.00%
Novartis has improved its overall energy efficiency through the use of renewable energy sources, including biomass, along with an emphasis on energy conservation

Data: Climate Group, Innovest, Panel of Judges, BW

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