Yahoo Snaps Up

Just talked to Joshua Schachter, who emailed to say that he sold to Yahoo.
Heather Green

Just talked to Joshua Schachter, who emailed to say that he sold, the innovative tagging service, to Yahoo.

First things first. He wouldn't say how much Yahoo paid for the service, which now has 300,000 subscribers. But he said he did the deal because he felt it would help the service, which he launched at the end of 2003, grow more quickly than it could have on its own. "We're going to continue to build our vision but with more resources, technology and distribution," he says. will continue operating as a stand along service at the same time as Yahoo will integrate more of the tagging technology across its network of offerings.

If it sounds like the approach Yahoo took when it bought the photo sharing service Flickr, it is. Joshua says that he believes they have learned to avoid the problems they ran into with alienating some of Flickr's passionate users. Joshua says he also has ideas on how to deal with any kind of merging of the two. Let's all hope so....

FYI. Joshua says there isn't going to be a press release, which is typical of smaller deals.

Update: Here's a link to his blog and their investors Union Square Ventures.

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