A Look Back At The Original Mac

Arik Hesseldahl

Ever now and then I like to claim that I’ve been a Mac user since Ronald Reagan was president. The year was 1985, and my high school newspaper and yearbook lab had just purchased a batch of the machines for production purposes. I learned how to use Pagemaker, and typed all my stories into Macwrite. Those were the days….

So it was fun to see this reproduction of a 1984 article on the first Mac from Computers and Electronics Magazine, touting “Apple’s Exciting New Business Computer.” A few interesting notes from the story. First the writer notes that the first Mac sported “no slots for expansion boards,” and quotes an unnamed member of the design team as saying it was “designed for standardization and automated production, so there just isn’t any room.”

Second it calls the operating system “Apple’s upgraded Lisa 2,” which is of course referring back to the Mac’s ancestor, the Lisa. Also don’t miss the graphic and the caption concerning “beautiful visual effects” on the bottom of the story’s fourth page.

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