Fence-Mending in HP Land

Now there's a place people can go to learn about two truly great men, and the admirable way of doing business they came up with.
Peter Burrows

I spent a gratifying morning in Palo Alto yesterday, at an event to celebrate the opening of a new museum at the newly renovated "birthplace of Silicon Valley"--the garage where Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard began their company back in 1938. It wasn't just the beautifully restored buildings that made it special, though that was part of it. The famous clapboard garage is truly as pedestrian as it can be, and the home where Packard and his new wife lived captured the sense of the time. Most surprising was the small one-room cabin where Hewlett lived as a bachelor for much of that year. We're talking plain old metal cot, a nail in the wall to hang a shirt, and absolutely no insulation; the guy might as well have been camping out.

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