Timing B-School Application Submissions

In this excerpt from the book MBA Admissions Strategy, author A.V. Gordon provides some tips on when to submit your applications

In MBA Admissions Strategy, which was released in September, 2005, by McGraw-Hill, publisher of BusinessWeek, author A.V. Gordon offers the inside scoop on how to get into a top business school. The following is an excerpt that will help you strategize the timing of your application submission, so you can increase your chance of getting accepted into your top choice:

Timing your application can have important consequences. Whether the school has continuous "rolling" admissions or a series of discrete deadline dates, early on in the application process (October in the typical cycle for the following autumn) there are lots of places, and by March to April there are none. The window closes steadily during this time. Most schools advise applicants to submit as early as possible, but not so early as to have to rush and compromise the quality of their submission. Schools with unusual starting dates will have different schedules, but the same general rule applies. It is now more common for schools to use the series-of-deadlines approach. The deadlines are typically in October, January, and March. The committee will have decided in advance what percentage of the total intake is going to be taken from each round. Generally, about 45% will be taken at the first round, the same... Full version

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