There is podcasting in China.

I love the blogosphere. Within minutes of my posting
Bruce Nussbaum

I love the blogosphere. Within minutes of my posting "There is no podcasting in China, I received an "are you nuts?" comment from Mark Vanderbeeken telling me to look at podlook. com. Now Frederik Balfour of Business Week's HongKong bureau tells me to look at for podcasting. It's also based in Shanghai. Thanks folks.

So I'm concluding that the biggest internet sites in China, Baidu. com and, which don't have podcasting, are concerned that there are few, if any government regulations on this newest of media and are waiting for guidance. Other, smaller web outfits with less to lose, aren't waiting. Maybe they'll get whacked, maybe not.

It is amazing to see this revolution roll out through China. A third of the population of China (about 300-400 million people) use cellphones. Most of the use SMS texting, primarily to get around government regulation of the internet (where penetration will hit 200 million people by 2007--the world's largest). Podcasting and videocasting will add to the unrestrained voices of people. Can this be stopped?

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