A Geek's Paradise

Visiting a Best Buy store can be messy, particularly over a busy weekend. With boxes all over and the personnel to match, the store provides the buying experience of a warehouse. By definition, Best Buy should be all about the price and only the price.

A visit to is indeed all about discounts and price drops. The front page follows the concept of an e-commerce portal, with the selection of the store's departments on the top bar and a comprehensive navigation menu on the left. All the corporate buttons, such as careers, investors, have been pushed way down to the bottom. Overall, the first impression successfully reminds one of Best Buy's weekly flyers that stuff American newspapers. The entire site is bilingual, in English and Spanish.

For a complex website, is remarkably fast. The browsing experience is a breeze in spite of the numerous thumbnail pictures that illustrate every page. It is like walking between the store aisles and touching everything. Geek paradise.

Zooming through the checkout is made just as easy. The "remove" button is rather tiny, but everything else is clear and easy, including scheduling the delivery. The return policy is made simple, as items purchased online can be brought back to a local Best Buy store.

The Internet is a goldmine for selling everything from CDs to refrigerators. showed the way, and we review more and more excellent e-commerce sites that deliver quality buying experiences. is among these. The next step will be to deliver a three-dimensional branding experience on a flat screen.

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