More Heads Are Better Than One

Company Product Capabilities Pricing Type
Citrix Systems Inc. GoToMeeting Web conferencing; presentations; desktop sharing; application sharing, drawing tools; meeting recording 1-user license, $468 per year (10 attendees per conf.) Hosted service
  GoToAssist Chat; two-way desktop viewing and control; remote diagnostics; file transfer; whiteboard; session recording; session transfer 1 seat between $3,000-$4,000 per year Hosted service
Xformax Conferral Web conferencing; two-way document editing; application sharing; show video; presentations 1-user license, $199 (10 attendees per conf.) Desktop software
Convoq ASAP Pro Web conferencing; video conferencing; screen sharing; presentations; instant messaging; session control sharing 1-user license $495 per year (15 attendees per conf.) Hosted service
Glance Glance Web conferencing; screen sharing; presentations; application sharing Corporate-wide license, $119 per month (15 attendees) Hosted service
GroveSite GroveSite Pro Project management; issue tracking; document sharing; content creation; calendar sharing; discussion forums; custom data tables; member directories; broadcast e-mail 25-user license, $199 per month Hosted service
HelpMeeting LLC HelpMeeting Collaborator Web conferencing; application sharing; screen sharing; whiteboarding, chat; file transfer; session control sharing 2-seat license, $150 per month Hosted service
IBM IBM/Lotus Sametime Web conferencing; application sharing; screen sharing; whiteboarding; instant messaging; streaming audio and video 1-user license, $48 Server software
Inter-Tel WebDemo Web conferencing; presentations; screen sharing; application sharing; document sharing; document editing; video confercing; file transfer 3-concurrent user license, $1199 Server software
LINQware Collabrix Web Conferencing Web conferencing; instant messaging; document sharing; document collaboration; application sharing; file sharing; whiteboarding; session control sharing $.25 per minute per participant Hosted service
  Collabrix SupportWatch Remote desktop support; instant messaging; integrated audio; Web conferencing; file transfer; session transfer; reporting tools 1 seat $99 per month Hosted service
Microsoft Groove Virtual Office Professional Edition Document sharing; document editing; instant messaging; discussion forums; project tracking; issue tracking $179 per user Desktop software
  Live Meeting Web conferencing;presentations; document sharing; application sharing; session control sharing; whiteboarding; instant messaging; polls 5-user license (15 attendees per conf.), $180 per user per year Hosted service
  Windows SharePoint Services Document sharing; document editing; calendar sharing; discussion forums; instant messaging; integration with Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint Packaged with Windows Small Business Server 2003, 5-user license $599 Server software
Persony Persony Vshow Web conferencing; desktop sharing; presentation; instant messaging; whiteboarding; survey polls 1-user license (10 attendees per conf.), $99 Server software
Wright-Larco Inc. Web conferencing; application sharing; document sharing; text chat; video; session control sharing; meeting recording 2-person room, $49 per month Hosted service
WebEx WebOffice Workgroup Web conferencing; document sharing; calendar sharing; task manager; Web database; discussion forums; expense reports; opinion polls 5-user workgroup, $59.95 per month; Web conferencing, $49.95 per month per user Hosted service
WiredRed e/pop Web Conferencing Web conferencing; desktop sharing, application sharing; document sharing; presentations; video conferencing 5 concurrent users, $350 per month for service or $3,000 for installable software Hosted service or server software
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