SUZANNE MCGEE is a veteran of 14 years at The Wall Street Journal in Toronto, London, and New York. She's now a freelance writer who covers business and finance, as well as the art market and philanthropy. McGee was educated in Canada, Europe, and Japan, and now laments her lack of free time to travel. McGee shares her Brooklyn (N.Y.) home with far too many books and far too many cats.

DAVID ROCKS has been Asia editor of BusinessWeek since 2002, overseeing the magazine's correspondents in that region and coordinating coverage from Bangalore to Tokyo. He was previously managing editor of, a technology supplement to BusinessWeek. When Rocks isn't traveling in China, Korea, or Japan for his day job, he indulges his true passion: playing guitar, using as many special-effects pedals as he can get his hands, and feet, on.

For the past 10 years, JOSHUA KENDALL has written on business and health care for publications including The Boston Globe and The Washington Post. Kendall is co-author of three academic psychology books, and author of The Myth of Depression: The Dark Side of the Antidepressant Revolution. He intends to venture into biography for his next book. A native of New York City, he lives in Boston, where he spends his free time organizing readings by local authors and playing squash.

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