Bookkeepers Don't Sign The Checks

As a bookkeeper for a small, seven-person landscape architecture company, I read with great interest "The Inside Job."

As a small business owner, you must resign yourself to the fact that you will need to wear many different hats, not just that of "owner." Owners should be willing to read and study financial statements every time payroll and accounts payable checks are issued. They most definitely should insist on signing all the checks and reviewing bank statements. Even in a small company, it is bad business to allow the person who writes the checks to sign them, too.

Owners should also insist on access to electronic bookkeeping programs so they can periodically check things out for themselves. That way, they can catch fraud early on rather than letting local law enforcement tell them about it later.


J. K. Tiller Associates Inc.

Bluffton, S.C.

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