Should my boss's boss's boss blog?

Commenter asks if Blogspotting complains about intrustive ads on its own site, and if our boss's boss's boss blogs.
Stephen Baker

I got an indignant response from "Sara" to yesterday's post about the response from the AOL exec. She starts:

Excuse me while I try to figure out how to post over the flyout ad that obscures your blog, Mr. Baker. Did you notice it? Did you complain about this to your employers? No? Why not? It annoyed me. By the way, may we have the URL to your boss' boss' boss' blog?

She asks good questions. No Sara, I don't complain about intrusive ads to my employers. It's their blog, not mine. But I blog about them. As far as my boss's boss's boss. That would be Steve Adler, editor in chief of BusinessWeek. His title isn't head of communities. So I wouldn't say that it's a parallel with AOL's Schreiner. Nonetheless, I'm betting that within a year or two, Steve Adler and other mainstream editors in chief will be blogging.

Sara also makes a good point that AOL managers had been responding earlier to the angry journalers. I should have said "An AOL exec finally responded... I'll correct.

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