There is no podcasting in China. And why?

Bruce Nussbaum

I moderated a terrific panel discussion with the folks from and in Beijing today and I discovered there is no podcasting in China. Wow. At the conference on Design for the new China Markets, Yu Guo, chief user experience designer (ex Netscape, AOL, eBay and PayPal) for Baidu, the biggest search engine in China, Don Liang, VP of marketing for marketing and ex-TV stgar, Ben Tsiang, co founder of, the largest Chinese website in North America and precursor to, china's biggest portal and Xinli Zhao, director of user interface and user experience for Sina, all agreed that there was no podcasting going on in China.

Why? Well, the euphemisms were flying but it came down to the authorities not being able to control podcasting--as yet. And without the authorities in China, not much gets gone on the web or in the economy. Of course, when the authorities do back something, like building roads and airports, it gets done pronto. When it doesn' doesn't get done.

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