The Invasion Blog That Could Have Been

Hopes dashed by ABC's Invasion blog.
Heather Green I watch the show Invasion. It's not the best that TV has to offer, but for some reason, I am hooked. Swamps, aliens, creepy thin blond people. It's great. So I was disappointed (for the second time in a week)to see the hopes I had built up around a blog be dashed.

See, Dave Groves, one of the characters in the series, which is about unfolding the mystery of an alien invasion, communicates with the world outside his quarantined town of Homestead, Florida via....a blog.....On the show he talks about his blog posts. And last night he was tracked down by some people through his blog!

I have been slow in searching it out, but today I remembered and checked to see if the character has a blog and he's fine. I mean, it's ok. Whoever at ABC is writing it posts pretty often and he stays in character, talking about daily life within the show and a little on his thoughts on what is going on with the invasion.

But it could be so much more, so much more of an extension of the show....really bringing in the tension and the fear, the curiosity, the sense of danger as it's unfolding.

In this case, I think the use of a character blog actually makes sense. Because the character in the story actually does have a blog. But maybe one reason they dont want to take the dramatization too far is because, well, it might be taken too seriously.

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