Hey Performancing, what's your exit strategy?

Performancing, a new professional blog, advise bloggers to come up with business plans and exit strategy. So what's its own plan?
Stephen Baker

What a fool I was. Yesterday I chided Peter Brady at Performancing for suggesting that bloggers should develop business plans and exit strategies. And it never occurred to me to turn the question around, and ask him about the strategy at Performancing, a new group blog "written by professional bloggers, for professional bloggers."

So, Peter, what's your business plan at Performancing? Is it based on ads or a subscription model? Do you hope to build it into a collection of professional blogs in different domains? Do you have schedules on how often each of you posts? I've seen prominent ads for your blog on Technorati. Are those bringing in a lot of traffic? How much do you value each visitor? Do you pay Technorati per click? If so, how much? Finally, what's your exit strategy?

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