Sex Still Sells Baby!! X-Rated Liqueur and Svedka Show The Way

David Kiley

Just a year after launch, Daucourt Martin's X-rated liqueur has surpassed 100,000 cases, according to Impact.

Women 25-35, the target for the pink vodka infused booze, have responded according to script. The company is launching another yet-to-be disclosed product after the New Year.

Meantime, Impact's 2004 "Hot Brand" Svedka vodka in in the midst of a new effort under its "The Future of Adult Entertainment" campaign. The new effort centers on the year 2033 with the Svedka_Grl, the partying fem-bot talking about, for example, "Svedka, the choice of the stem-cell baby boomer generation in 2033.

Don't look for Svedka to be the vodka of choice at the next national gathering of evangelical preachers.

Svedka expects to do 750,000 cases this year, says Impact,up from about 400,000 last year. That is huge huge growth. DISCUS, the spirits trade association that has diligently been trying to restrain spirits marketers from overly provocative advertising that could be construed as being aimed at youth, has had no luck with Svedka, which is not a DISCUS member.

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