Fairway Blog...so Close

The ups and the downs of a blog by a cheesemonger from Fairway, a local foodie store here in NYC.
Heather Green

So, there I was standing in line last night at Fairway, the local equivalent of Whole Foods in NYC, when I saw this huge sign promoting the store's new blog. I had to think about that for a minute and then it seemed to me that wow, this could be a great idea. Promote what is different about Fairway, give the foodies who shop here more information than they could ever want, and do it through what is apparently a definite voice, Fairway's cheesemonger Steven Jenkins.

So this morning I visited the blog, and it seems so close. Jenkins does get into these beautiful descriptions of garlic towers from the fields near Beaumont de Lomagne, veggies fresh out of summer gardens, and "torpedo-shaped onions"

But he doesn't post very often. He totally missed the Thanksgiving rush. And he doesn't open up to comments, which would be so ideal, because it seems to me that he would get tons of questions and could build up even more of a following that way.

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