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Eric Liftin -- Mesh Architectures

Eric Liftin lives in two worlds -- the physical and the virtual -- but he's doing his best to prove that those two worlds are the same, or at least that they're compatible, overlapping, and complementary. And as much as possible, Liftin occupies both of them at the same time, rather than flipping back and forth between them. In fact, if you go to the Web site of the firm he founded, Mesh Architectures, and he's sitting at his computer, you'll see a Web-cam picture of the top of his head and the office behind him.

Liftin founded Mesh in 1997 to explore connections between architecture and Web design. He had done both and decided that he didn't have to choose between the two disciplines. In fact, as he saw it, they had much in common. He seeks to convey in the sites he designs "a real sense of occupying the site, based on how you manipulate it and on the navigation.