Peugeot's Pedestrian Web Site

Peugeot is an old French brand that shows 21st century flair in its product and image. Judging by its offline brand, one would expect its online communications vehicle to welcome the visitor soberly but professionally. A display of blazers and tightly-knotted ties would not be out of place, as the cars imply such an intrinsic elegance.

With such a superb and strong lineup of vehicles, it is, therefore, surprising that Peugeot's international website is so pedestrian. The site is little more than a slideshow of mediocre quality. No brushed aluminum, no leather, no wood accents; nothing here to enhance the brand. No silk, no lingerie, and few curves; nothing to make us dream. The execution is flat. Branding is absent.

Differentiation is even scarcer. This site seems no different than those for other automotive companies, such as Toyota and Subaru. (In fact, the more we benchmark, the more we wonder if anyone has had an original idea in the online departments of the automotive sector. And don't get us started on

Despite having a flashy offline brand, Peugeot's generic online presence makes us rethink its aspirational image. After browsing the site, we are left wondering what would drive a viewer to want to know more about Peugeot, much less purchase one of its vehicles.

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