Hunt Tivo for ads? They'd better be good.

TiVo service to hunt for ads will only work for advertisements that entertain
Stephen Baker

The Wall Street Journal writes that TiVo's working with advertising agencies to create a service where users can search for relevant ads, or even subscribe to them. The thesis is that people will look for ads that are relevant to them.

Not many people these days look to TV ads for information. To succeed they must be entertaining. This service may work, but I'm betting it will be fed by people (like my kids) who will subscribe to funny beer commercials.

Speaking of ads, what's your feeling about ads on blogs? Do you ever click on them? Are they relevant to you? Which ones? I have to say, if they work any magic on me, it's at a subliminal level. I'm going to focus on it this week, and see if any of them reach me. I'll report if they do.

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