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The i.Tech Bluetooth virtual keyboard is a sci-fi dream come true


i.Tech is a new British/Hong Kong company which aims to make digital products that "exceed customer expectations". It's not an easy company philosophy to fulfil in our gadget-crazy age, but the company has certainly lived up to its mantra with this little number. The i.Tech virtual keyboard is not only impressively sci-fi, but also extremely useful. The portable, pocket-sized device projects a full-size keyboard onto any flat surface using infrared technology, allowing you to type on it just as you would anormal keyboard. Even better, the i.Tech virtualkeyboard works via a Bluetooth or Windows mobile connection, so there's no need for any messy wires, and is compatible with most PCs, tablet PCs, laptops, PDAs and smartphones. €139. Enquiries:

By Maria Paggetti

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