Long live lambasted character blog

GourmetStation, a blog that was criticized for introducing a character blogger, deserves better
Stephen Baker

An Inc. story tells the tale of GourmetStation, a blog that was lambasted by many bloggers for introducing a fictional narrator, T. Alexander.(thanks Steve Rubel)

I don't see what's the big deal. Our competitor, Fortune, has a terrific character columnist with the pen name of Stanley Bing, and I don't think any the less of them for it. I look at the blog world as a big laboratory, a place for people and companies to try all sorts of crazy things. Sure, if a blog behaves despicably or unfairly, lay into it. But a fictional character named T. Alexander? That's pretty tame. And of course the site's traffic rocketed, the article notes, when the critics began linking to it. Maybe that was the idea all along.

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