BurgerKing's striptease dilemma: Lots of attention, no control

BurgerKing benefits from striptease video for iPod
Stephen Baker

Anyone seen the striptease video that ends in a Burger King promotion? Ad Age writes about it(subscription protected). I read about it here, and here, after hearing about it from Bruce Nussbaum.

The video, apparently circulating wildly on the Net, grew out of a BK promotion for iPod videos on Heavy.Com. It features a striptease, which ends with a close up of a Burger King mask. In a sense, this is open-source advertising. BK delivers a platform and some props (the masks), and the community creates the ads. They're virtually free, and powerfully popular--but the advertiser loses all control.

I think this is a risk more and more advertisers will be accepting as they look to lower costs and hike up the buzz around their brands.

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