The New New Perk

Justin Hibbard

Remember bubble-era perks? We're talking free on-site massages, lunch-hour yoga classes, and fridges stocked with all the Jolt cola a nerd could drink. That's over--unless you work at one of those companies that time forgot (read: GOOG). For the rest of us in the Valley, the new new perk is still available on site but no longer free. To wit: OnSite Haircuts, a San Jose, Calif.-based business founded by long-time Valley stylist Dena Kaufer. She parks her Winnebago-turned-mobile salon outside your company and gives lunch-hour trims, shampoos, and blow-drys (sorry, no colors or perms). She's at eBay every Friday, Yahoo every Tuesday, and, yes, Google every Thursday. Bring your Visa or Mastercard.

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