As GM sinks, its blog grows more interesting

As GM sinks, it's Fastlane blog makes for great reading (especially the comments)
Stephen Baker

As General Motors sinks in crisis, it's Fastlane blog makes for lively reading. Dave Taylor thinks GM is showing its defensiveness, but I don't agree. I see a marketing exec making the best case possible for the company's heavy discounting. "We have to move the metal..." Then I read terrific comments from very skeptical but engaged readers--many of whom care deeply about GM and its cars.


"We know the Employee Discount for Everyone program brought in lots of customers who otherwise might have waited."

Translation: "We cannibalized future sales to move iron."
I'll go ahead and rain on everyone's parade and predict that Solstice sales will tank after the first year, when buyers find out it has 1 Cubic Foot of cargo space with the top down. Toyota MR Spider, anyone?
"Why did you buy that GM? You've been drooling over it?"
"You will never have to worry about big repair bills or selling it down the road?"
"Get a great deal?"
-Well....I thought so when I bought my 06'. But I saw yesterday that they are now even cheaper than when I bought mine for and it ain't even 06 yet..
"So would you buy another or recommend one...?

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