Now that TiVo moves to iPods, how to skip commercials?

TiVo's move to handhelds raises more questions about ads, and will hasten development of a 30-second forward button on the iPod
Stephen Baker

Two pieces of pod news this morning. TiVo moves to transfer TV shows to iPods and Sony game machines. And TV network officials look to break up the so-called "pods," those three-to-four-minute clumps of commercials (that just taunt you to change the channel or clean out the cat box).

Now that TV is moving to handhelds, what happens to those pods of commercials? Are we condemned to watch them on the iPod, or to try to skate through them with the erratic fast-forward key? My guess: There will be a widely-blogged hack for TiVo's new service that will permit users to jump ahead 30 seconds at a time, just like in the living room.

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