Cool Things To Do With An iPod

Arik Hesseldahl

I just couldn’t let the day go buy without pointing out this highly cool use for an iPod Shuffle, which I first found on The Unofficial Apple Weblog. I’ve seen iPods used for many different things. But this one is pretty cool. See this blog for the full write-up on how and why it was done.

My first computer was a Commodore 64, and when I first got it, my parents couldn’t initially afford to buy the floppy disc drive. So for months I loaded software from cassette tapes, which usually took several minutes, if not longer, per program.

Old programs like that are still around, and often archived by enthusiast sites, usually by guys like me who love a trip down memory lane to play some old mid-1980s vintage video game, which you can often play on modern PCs and Macs using emulators. Here the iPod was used to bridge the gap between a modern computer and a very old computer in a rather inventive way. It seems to me that the iPod nano would work here as well, and for that matter, why not a conventional hard drive based iPod as well. Now what I want to know is, can I do the same thing with an old Commodore 64 and a tape drive? It seems to me there would be almost no difference.

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