Apple's MacIntel Marketing Opportunity

I can just see the banners at Macworld:
Peter Burrows

Reading Arik's post, Can Apple Truly Tie OSX Down?, I got to thinking about the glorious marketing opportunities Apple will have once those Intel-based Macs start to come to market. Sure, Apple will face some PR challenges as it wages its inevitable crusade to shut down the Maxxuss' of the world. But that will pale next to Apple's increased ability to reach out to switchers far more persuasively. Apple will be able to argue that the only remaining non-standard thing about a Mac is the lack of the Windows operating system. Given Windows' vulnerability to viruses and other malware, that's a comparison Apple's marketeers should have a field day with. (One new piece of potential ammo is a new survey from Consumer Reports, which indicates that only 8% of Mac users have detected spyware in the last six months, versus 54% for Windows users).

Then there's the possibility that Apple could itself come out with a dual-boot Mac, capable of running Windows as well as OSX. Apple has said it won't do this, and I can understand why. From a user experience point of view, I just don't believe it can be done without a big performance hit, or without sacrificing the Mac's trademark simplificy and elegance. Still, it could make for some delicious ad copy. I can just see the banners at Macworld: "Finally, it's Apples to Apples."

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