Yahoo's new e-mail: Too slow

Yahoo's new mail service, still in its beta version, is way too slow.
Stephen Baker

I've been trying out the beta version of Yahoo's new e-mail for a couple of months. Like Forrester's Charlene Li, At first I was impressed. It appeared to work nearly as well as a desktop system, but with a more tradional approach than Google's Gmail. I took a lot of heat from Gmail aficionados by praising Yahoo's new mail in a review of Gmail.

But now the Yahoo mail is taking far too long to load. On my connection, it takes fully 52 seconds. That's compared to 8 seconds for Gmail and 5 seconds for the old warhorse, Hotmail. Maybe Yahoo has too few servers handling increased supply. But if they don't speed up this new version of Yahoo mail, it'll be a flop.

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