Angry AOL bloggers now push boycotts

Angry AOL Journal bloggers circulate calls to boycott advertisers on their sites.
Stephen Baker

The anger over banner ads on AOL Journals is reaching a fever pitch. Bloggers are organizing boycotts of advertisers, presumably including Bank of America, whose ad appears on the Journals I've seen today. One even features flash art.View image I'm still not seeing any response from AOL.

Some Journal bloggers, of course, are less bothered by the ads. Here's a very funny post from an AOL blogger who shrinks from the idea of migrating to Google's Blogspot.

eww, I simply refuse to post an entry on something called "blogspot". I think I had a blogspot once...

Update: I originally posted the image as an art element on the post. But on second thought, I didn't think it was right to post ads as art (especially on a post about people rebelling against ads). So I changed it to a pop-up.

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