Selling Marketers on MSN

To promote the new opportunities at Microsoft's Internet portal, this Boston U. MBA must speak the language of VoIP, RFID, and RSS

As product manager at MSN, Microsoft's (MSFT ) Internet portal, I analyze the marketing dynamics of companies in the entertainment, technology, and telecommunications industries. I identify opportunities for clients to reach their target audiences on MSN sites using a variety of technologies such as MSN Messenger, Hotmail, Spaces, and Mobile. I interact with engineers, developers, and project managers frequently, along with many great advertisers and marketers.

It has been about two years since I completed the MS-MBA program at Boston University, and each day that goes by I appreciate my dual degree more and more. Microsoft, and in particular MSN, have changed quite a bit over the last two years. Now, after a couple of reorganizations, the rise and fall of key competitors, and a renewed interest in online advertising, MSN is well positioned for high growth in the coming years.

In addition, I'm leading a project to outsource our research efforts to an overseas company. This project is allowing me to utilize much of my academic training in organizational behavior and operations. More important, it provides a cost-effective solution to help us scale with our growing business. I am enjoying being on the cutting edge of a hot business topic.

Here's a snapshot of a typical day on the job for me:

6:15 a.m. -- Power up my Windows Mobile Smartphone to check for e-mails from the MSN team on the East Coast (and the early risers on the West Coast).

7:30 a.m. -- Sit down for some cereal and the print version of The Seattle Times. I often stumble upon interesting topics and local news by reading the print version.

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