Help this blogger!

Bruce Nussbaum

Metacool's Diego Rodriguez is writing a column for our Innovation & Design channel on happiness and innovation so if you have some thoughts, send them along to him. It's a totally fascinating idea. We all know the pleasure of working with great people on a team on a terrific project (and the opposite as well). In this increasingly collaborative world, we value great partners tremendously, whether they are individuals, companies or other organizations. In building the I&D channel, Jessie Scanlon and I talked again and again about how great it was to work with Stuart Constantine and Allan Chochinov the two guys from core77, the super-smart team at Doblin and nearly all of our partners. And we moaned about those partners with whom we didn't feel comfortable. My guess is that everyone reading this knows what I'm talking about. As we move into the age of partnering and collaborating to create new things, the value of a good partner to generate happiness will soar.

I have to admit that this kind social web kind of conversation around a blogger I know about a column he is writing for an innovation and design site I helped create is a little weird, if only for all the self-referentiality of it all. But it is fun and it is interesting in a collaborate sort of way.

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