Table: Champions Tour: Dana Quigley

This guy might be the best deal in all of sports. He plays virtually every week (278 consecutive events for which he was eligible at one point) and is almost always on TV because he is usually in contention. Few players this side of Tiger Woods get as much logo time on the tube as Quigley. Also, his easy personality makes him a great pro-am partner. Quigley played in four Peter Jacobsen pro-ams this year, at $15,000 each. He plays in about 25 Monday pro-ams a year at $1,000 to $2,500 per outing. If a company wants to book him privately, Quigley starts listening for $5,000 and will jump at $10,000 for a one-day outing.


A company highly visible in golf. Quigley gives it four to five pro-am days a year.

Income: Low six figures


Up to $50,000 with bonuses. With the kind of year Quigley had in 2005, he reached those bonuses.


Gets eight boxes of cigars per week.

Income: $15,000


Has no official deal. Plays a variety of clubs, including a Guerin Rife 2 Bar Blade putter.


For carrying the logo, Quigley can fly NetJets to tournaments.


Titleist pays him $10,000 for a win with its ball, $2,500 for a top-five, and $1,000 for a top-10.

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