Is Google That Innovative?

Would Google be as innovative without the passel of competitors around it? Tristan Louis investigates.
Heather Green

Is a Google podcasting aggregation service next? If you follow Tristan Louis' provocative analysis, yes. Louis says that with all the Google hype, people are missing that fact that it's new services are aimed at "filling up holes in their offering, in an attempt to match its competitors." As an example, because Google needs to keep up with the Jones, including AOL, Apple, and Yahoo, it will probably offer podcasting services next.

He takes apart the company's different offerings to come up with this conclusion:

"Google does innovate in some spaces but has largely innovated in order to gain entry in markets that already existed. As a rule of thumb, they've been very smart at breathing new innovations in those markets. However, their competitors are generally quick to notice and are catching up."

What's interesting about that analysis is that it leads you to the conclusion that if there weren't a group of innovative comapnies around Google, it wouldn't be as innovative....

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