The Sci Fi Channel's Breakout Podcasting

Lessons learned from the Sci Fi Channel's Battlestar Galactica podcasts.
Heather Green

It seems to me that other companies could learn a lot from the Sci Fi Channel's approach to podcasting. And they have had blow out results, the 14 podcasts they did for this year's Battlestar Galactica series have been downloaded more than 1.3 million times.

What worked? The folks at the the Sci-Fi didn't just say let's do snippets from the show. They thought about how to dish up something compelling and came up with idea of having Ron Moore, an executive producer loved by fans, to do commentary for each show. They kept the kicked back, podcast feel, by having him do the recording in his living room.

The idea was to encourage more people to go back and watch shows after they ran. So, say, someone listening on the subway might hear Moore explain something they hadn't picked up on...and they would watch a repeat.

But, now the Sci Fi channel can use this commentary in its DVD sets. And they have provided a roadmap that other shows produced by USA Networks (the Sci Fi Channel's cable network owner) or even NBC (which owns USA) can follow.

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