MacKinnon: Chinese "Guanxi" could key Web 2.0

Rebecca MacKinnon predicts that the Chinese will be leaders in Web 2.0. Also provides latest news on podcasts and censorship in China.
Stephen Baker

Rebecca MacKinnon, blogging from a confab in China, predicts that the Chinese will not only be major players in Web 2.0, but that it will be "potentially a very Chinese thing." She says that one of the most important words in Chinese is "guanxi," which means relationship, and that we can count on the Chinese to come up with all sorts of guanxi-innovations and personal networks in the next gen of the Web.

Her long post is well worth reading. It has the latest read on podcasting and Web censorship in China. I was especially interested in this contrarian nugget:

Since people in China have never been free to express their political views in public, not being able to do so in cyberspace isn’t actually viewed as a sacrifice. People don’t feel like they’re giving anything up. On the contrary, they feel that blogs and other forms of online social media have given them a great deal more freedom of expression than they ever had before. Most feel they’ve got plenty to say and do within the limits they’ve been given.
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