Michael Mandel

I asked my teenage daughter about her relationship with technology, and here's what she wrote (almost edit free):

My dad suggested I write about networking, but I’m not going to do what he told me. That would be too easy. I will instead talk about what I like to call “mulatting”. This, of course, stands for multiple chatting, or whenever I am using more than two types of technological communication at one time. I do this whenever I happen to finish my homework early or am taking a long, extended “break” from my homework aka now. I like to count different forms of Internet communication as separate types. In this way, I can get up to six types, if I’m feeling up to it. My favorite methods are AIM, AOL/email, AOL video messaging, speakerphone three ways, myspaces (sort of like a blog), and cell phones on occasion (even though I don’t have one, ahem). I’m almost always connected to my friends in one way or another. It’s a really easy way to stay in touch with people I see everyday, or people I only see every few months, like my camp friend from Massachusetts (snaps for Leah). Just being online makes me feel like I’m connected to the world in some way I can’t explain.

She lives in such a different world than I did.

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