The Fog

Very few brands stood out here. In fact, we saw more backs of products and turned-around product labels than actual brands. The main character sports a black Carhartt jacket for the whole second half of the movie, while his best friend wears a Mecca jacket. Google gets some good screen time as our heroine researches a mysterious hallmark from her dreams.

Fans of first-person shooter games will flock to see Doom this weekend. Since the movie largely takes place on Mars, we won't expect to find many brands, if any at all.

Featured brands: Carhartt, Ford, Google, Mecca, Oldsmobile, Sony


Though The Fog came with few brands, Ford's appearance managed to secure yet another placement for 2005, bringing its count to 18 Number One films. Sony moves out of its tie for seventh place and into a tie for sixth place with its rival Panasonic. Having overlooked its cameo in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, we credit Apple and it moves out of its tie with Coke and into second place, but still nowhere near the year-long Ford lead.

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