Speaking of Apple... Some Advice?

Rob Hof

I'm finally thinking of making the Switch from a home Windows PC to Apple. And if you don't mind taking a little time, I could use the help of the Mac faithful out there. I want the new PC largely for doing Web work, storing multimedia, and using as an entertainment hub. I'm betting I'm pretty typical of a lot of people here, so your advice could be helpful to more than just me.

Anyway, my question is this: Which Apple laptop to get--iBook or PowerBook? I don't want to spend a whole lot of money, given that the Intel-based Apples to come out starting next year look promising, and I'll probably want to upgrade at some point. On the one hand, I want something that has a reasonably big hard drive, since I'll be using it as my main storage for all multimedia files, and that will last me at least a couple years--which suggests PowerBook. On the other hand, after lugging around a Dell D600 for years, I like the light weight of the iBook. And screen size doesn't matter much--for my purposes, smaller might be perfectly fine.

So, should I go for the best iBook I can get, or for a lower-end PowerBook? Thanks....

UPDATE: Yowza! You folks are amazing. So much incredible advice. I still haven't decided which way to go yet, but I'm staggered by the depth of your knowledge and willingness to share it. Anyone else who's looking to switch, the Comments are a goldmine! And don't forget the many more on Arik's post at Byte of the Apple.

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