Feed Editors? Um, Yeah, They're Called Magazines

Rob Hof

Mark Pincus has another take on Fred Wilson's post on the coming attention crisis he sees in countless new RSS feeds and Web services, which I blogged about a few hours ago. Mark anticipates the rise of what he calls feed editors to help filter his feed overload. "But isn't this what commercial media and niche mags have always been for?" he adds. Well, yeah. In a world of unlimited information and limited time, there will be value in successfully distilling that information for targeted audiences. Welcome to my job.

Of course, those editors and writers won't necessarily be the same people listed today on magazine and newspaper mastheads--if they're people at all--and the publications certainly won't look the same as today's. A lot of publications may not survive the rise of new algorithm-driven blog and media filters, from Google News to memeorandum, or the meta-blogs that are themselves filters for groups of blogs on related subjects. And people may well want far more targeted distillations of online content than traditional publications can economically provide.

But however you slice it, there's going to be a need--and a market--for media that can cut through the RSS clutter, so you don't have to.

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