Designing for the bottom of the pyramid

Bruce Nussbaum

There's a hot opening at Parsons in New York for an exhibit on designing the new taxi but I'm passing it up to be in Palo Alto for an IDSA/HP conference on designing for people who make $2 a day or less. HP's Brand Designer and Experience Director, Sam Lucente, is running the two day event, with about 80 people from HP, P&G, Microsoft, Philips, Intel, Steelcase, plus many design consultancies such as Whipsaw, Smart Design, ECCO, IDEO, MOTO,newdealdesign, Lunar Bressslergroup and others. More later.

fuseproject's Yves Behar will speak on designing for the individual, Jump's Dev Patnaik talks about design from the cultural perspective, Satish Gokhale, will speak on design in India (this is getting more and more buzz), Anjali Kelkar from the Institute of Design in Chicago will talk on design for the masses, middle and lower classes, and Patrick Whitney the director of the Institute of Design and I will speak on design for a "flat" world (I'm arguing the world isn't getting flatter but rounder). This Design About is about designing for the "other"6 billion people. C.K. Prahalad's been talking about this for some time.

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