Another Nano Lawsuit

Arik Hesseldahl

In last week’s Byte of the Apple column I grumbled about a lawsuit against Apple regarding the iPod nano and its alleged propensity to scratch easily. Looks like another law firm, David P. Meyer and Associates of Columbus, Ohio is coming after Apple. Its Web site says the firm is “currently reviewing numerous complaints” from nano owners who say scratching during normal usage had rendered “contents of the screen obscured and unreadable.” As I pointed out last week, law firms see dollar signs with these cases, while consumers who participate in them usually end up getting something of marginal value like a coupon, as with the iPod battery settlement: Consumers got replacement batteries or a coupon for $50 at the Apple store, while the law firm walked away with $2.7 million.

It’s one thing for lawyers to pile on when they see an opportunity like this, but couldn’t their Web designers have paid a little more attention to the illustration they use on their site? It sure doesn’t look like any iPod I’ve ever seen.

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