This Acer Aspires to Adequacy

When it comes to the Aspire 3000 notebook computer, you get what you pay for -- and that's not a whole lot

Editor's Rating:

The Good: Convenient USB, headphone, and speaker connections

The Bad: Dull screen display, short battery life, clunky build

The Bottom Line: O.K. for basic computing at a low price, but look elsewhere for rich multimedia

Let's face it: As far as personal computers are concerned, notebooks are hot and desktops are not. In May, notebooks outsold desktop PCs for the first time in a single 30-day period, says market researcher Current Analysis. At least part of the reason for notebooks' increasing popularity is that their price differential with desktops is shrinking. You can get a desktop PC for as low as $350, while Dell (DELL), the world's largest PC maker, sells notebooks for as low as $499.

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